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Emberlépték – our corporate culture and mission

Our name embodies what we believe in: we focus on people, working with and for them, with the wellbeing of our clients as our primary concern. In everything that surrounds us and everything we design, scale and proportion are key: we believe in people-centred change and development, working for a people-centred world, psychologically and ecologically sustainable development, mental health and balance. 

Our team is made up of qualified psychologists and counsellors who are highly skilled, with many years of experience in many fields and a dedicated helping attitude to support the clients who turn to them. Our professionals can provide optimal support in both crisis and development, as they are qualified in a variety of methods, so we can support each person in a way that is tailored to their problems and needs. Our staff join our team after a thorough selection process. Our professional development is continuous, we work in a professional team, we participate in constant training and weekly supervision to ensure professionalism.

Our mission is to contribute to a mentally healthier and more mindful society through our professional psychological services.

Our team

Horváth Tünde

Karikás Anna

Karner Orsolya

Király Ágnes

Kovács Andrea

Szűcs István

Velkey Rita

Our background, professional connections

Our EAP service is provided in close cooperation with Budai Counselling Psychotherapy Clinic and Training Centre, our professional support and specialist base is provided by the private clinic.

Our centre also employs clinical psychologists, psychiatrist, family therapist, couples therapist and child psychologist, so if you need additional psychological services we can refer you to a competent colleague in-house. 

The professionalism and scientific foundation of our EAP service is guaranteed by the fact that our professional director is an adjunct professor at ELTE, head of the university’s psychological counselling centre for students and staff.

Why you should choose us?

  • we are experts in mental health and EAP: a highly qualified team of psychologists with a scientific foundation and evidence-based effectiveness.
  • we specialise in EAP: our company’s main profile is employee counselling, and our colleagues have extensive experience in providing psychological counselling to employees of organisations: we provide this service to nearly 30 000 people at several universities and companies in Budapest
  • no fixed fee: we offer the service on an hourly basis, with the fee payable depending on the number of counselling sessions actually used
  • all the advantages of flat-fee providers without the disadvantages: continuous availability, workers can apply 24/7, fast contact and assistance
  • online processes: registration, contact, assistance with all the advantages of personal support, but with the flexibility and speed of a faster service – consultation in an online space
  • flexibility: we adapt to customer needs within the boundaries of professional competence

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