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Description of the service

There are situations in life that challenge people, and there are times when they may feel they cannot cope with the difficulties alone. If you feel that you would benefit from the support of a psychologist to work on the issues you are struggling with, you have found the right place. Contact us if you’re in a rut and would like to talk to someone who will listen and help you find your way, whether you have a personal or work-related problem.

Psychological counselling is available to all clients in complete confidentiality. We operate in accordance with the professional code of ethics for psychologists, our staff are bound by confidentiality, and any information is only disclosed to third parties with the client’s consent.

Our participating experts have extensive experience in the following areas, and the list also serves as a good map for the problems that typically occur.

  • crises, acute events in an individual’s life (e.g. loss)

  • difficulties related to COVID and restrictions (isolation, loneliness, lack of motivation, fatigue, home office, health deterioration, anxiety, work-life balance, etc.)

  • management dilemmas

  • role changes (e.g. parenthood, promotion, taking on responsibilities)

  • anxiety and stress management

  • domestic problems, personal and work conflicts

  • self-discovery questions

  • burn out

  • relationship difficulties, integration difficulties

  • decision situation, deadlock

  • expat advice, cultural adaptation

  • self-esteem disorder

  • addictions
  • learning or work-related problems, career problems

  • career planning

  • lack of motivation, doubts about the chosen career

  • parental consultation (about parenting difficulties with a child)

  • normative crisis: natural setbacks that accompany development (e.g. the challenges of young adulthood)

  • mood disorders

Our service is provided with full discretion, our staff are bound by confidentiality


Consultation is done by electronic registration, please email or fill in our short form with some basic information to get in touch and make an appointment. You will be contacted within two working days to arrange an appointment.

The counselling process

After the first interview to identify the problem and the circumstances, the counselling phase begins. The number of sessions provided by the company represents a complete psychological counselling process for a defined set of problems. Consultations are not a form of health service and are not a substitute for psychotherapy.

If the nature of the problem warrants it, we will help refer the client to appropriate care (e.g. psychiatrist, family therapy) or offer an extension of counselling, which the client will fund.

The data of the counselling participant is treated in strict confidence, the client is guaranteed complete anonymity, so no identifiable data or content information about them is shared with the employer, in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics for Psychologists. 


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